2017 Holiday Mens Gift Guide

Maven’s 2017 St. Louis Men’s Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for a complete Christmas gift set or a few final stocking stuffers, Maven’s 2017 St. Louis Men’s Gift Guide is sure to please the bearded and groom-conscious guys in your life. MEN’S GIFT GUIDE: LOOKING SHARP 1. Beard Oil For the mountain men and facial hair growers…

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Beard & Shave Essentials

Be Less of a Hairy Mess

4 Steps to a Perfect Shave We’ve put together a list of shaving tips, tricks and products to instantly improve your shave regimen. Face, legs (and other body parts)— rejoice! While the technique and regimen may differ, men and women are both subject to the hairy task (should they so…

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Charcoal Soap and Deodorant

Activated Charcoal’s Black Magic

There’s no bandwagon here. But at Maven, we do have an affinity for activated charcoal skincare. That’s because we tend to like things that work. The centuries-old substance is hailed for its digestive, medicinal and skincare advantages. It really is a rockstar. Our Favorite Activated Charcoal Products At Maven, activated…

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Perfect Pumpkin Candle

Our First-Ever Candle Was ‘Perfect’

This time seven years ago, Maven introduced its first candle. We like to think we were as spot on with our inaugural candle’s name as we were with its scent: Perfect Pumpkin Candle. It was an instant hit, and we made the crap out of them that season. As a…

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