Would you like to make your own soap?

Intro to Soap Making Class at Maven St. Louis 1

The thought of making soap often intimidates most people (think Fight Club), but we teach it in a way that makes it fun and understandable for almost everyone. If you can follow basic cooking instructions, you can make handmade soap!

Join us for cold process method of soap making, taught by our owners and staff who have been doing it professionally for nearly a decade.

Students will learn a brief history of the origins of soap, the chemical process of how the ingredients turn into soap, where the materials can be obtained when making soap at home, a run-down of the tools and equipment used, then boom– we’re going to put all that information together and make a batch (or 3!) for ourselves!

Current classes:

  • Intro to Soap Making – getting started with just 1 batch
  • Large Batch Soap Makingjust in time for holiday gift giving! Make 3 batches yielding approximately 12-18 bars of finished soap to share with all of your friends and family.

See the schedules and register for a class today at!