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Zodiac Candle Pisces 12oz

Zodiac Candle Pisces 12oz

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Zodiac candles were created with the idea of a unique gift in mind. Each candle represents a sign of the zodiac in color and fragrance, and are supported with semi-precious stones that align with them. If you're looking for the perfect birthday present for yourself or someone else, this is a great pick!

Ingredients: Each one is made with our signature blend of coconut wax and beeswax, which ensures a hot, even burn that allows the fragrance to easily fill a room. We also use wood wicks to reduce carbon buildup and maintain an even flame. Light one up to experience why Maven Candles are a cut above any other candle on the market.

Burning Instructions: Allow the candle to burn until the wax is completely melted across the top so that the wax doesn't tunnel. Do not extinguish the candle with the lid, blow it out! Trim or break off charred portion of the wick before re-lighting. Your flame should be strong but still, not higher than an inch or "lapping"! Keep away from pets, children, drafts, curtains, and other flammable objects and surfaces. Never, ever leave a burning candle unattended!

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