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Cold Process Soap Pine Tar 6.5oz

Cold Process Soap Pine Tar 6.5oz

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Pine tar has long been believed to have healing properties for a number of skin ailments such as minor abrasions, bruises, splinters, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, and blemishes. We've infused it with other botanicals and blended it a soap to cover any skin problem that comes your way!

Ingredients: water, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, olive oil, RSPO palm oil, himalayan sea salt, kaolin clay, pine tar, neem powder, calendula flower, comfrey root, marshmallow root, arnica root, yarrow leaf, plantain root, chamomile flower, myrrh gum powder, essential oils

Our soaps are made by hand in small batches, using the cold process method and only the finest ingredients. They are then generously cut into 6.5 oz bars and allowed to cure. The end result is a hard, long lasting bar of soap with luxurious lather that doesn't strip away the skin's natural moisture barrier. 

DISCLAIMER: All of our soaps are made by hand, thus, no two are exactly alike. That being said, there's no guarantee that the soaps you buy from us will look identical to what is pictured. Patterns and colors are subject to change from batch to batch. Thanks for your understanding, and prepare to have your mind blown by all natural soap!

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