Sugar Scrub Bars Set of 2 Vanilla Bean & Orchid

Sugar Scrub Bars Set of 2 Vanilla Bean & Orchid

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This vanilla & light floral fragrance transcends the ordinary with its complex composition and exotic essence. Green leaves and vibrant orange top notes greet the nose before ushering you into middle notes of powdery heliotrope and alluring jasmine. Vanilla, light musk, and sandalwood at the base form a sheer and creamy depth that is exquisite!

Get the exfoliation of traditional sugar scrub in an easy to use, non-messy bar! These are perfect for travel and won't leave a slippery, oily mess in your shower. To use, simply rub the bar between your hands with warm water to emulsify, then rub in a circular motion on the skin. Rinse with warm water. 

Ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, cetyl alcohol, BTMS 50, emulsifying wax, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium lactate, vitamin E, vanilla bean, fragrance

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